How To Understand About T-Shirt Fabrics 3 Method

Every year people of Bangladesh purchase a bunch of products like T-shirts. Full Sleeve Shirt, Pant and many others gents garments products. It has become so popular to a school or college going students during summer season its used so many times in the country. But it is a great sorrow and regret that most of the people in our country did not get the right product like a  tshirt for them. Many times they fall into a great trap to understand the right fabric. In this complete article you will learn how to understand t-shirt fabrics by understanding 3 processes.

Fabrics Quality:

Ok now let’s discuss the fabrics quality. In our country most of the shopkeepers sell slab fabrics jersey t-shirts. Here is the reason that slab fabric is cheaper then green line jersey fabric. So viewers can easily understand the difference between these two type of fabric. Now let me discuss about slab fabric and green line fabric In this way actually slab fabric and green line fabric are almost same but here is some different 

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